Classic potato salad to my taste

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There is a lot of love in my potato salad! I cook it myself and only use the best ingredients! My potato salad is light and tastes wonderfully fresh! It is the perfect meal, a delicious side salad and just to enjoy.

Classic potato salad to my taste
Potato salad is so much fun!

Spices, ingredients and flavors - this is how you prepare your very own potato salad!

Pickled cucumbers and celery give the salad a fresh, crunchy texture, while dill and apple give the salad a sweet and sour note. Peas add extra protein and nutrients to the salad. That sounds like a delicious and interesting potato salad that you can vary as you like!

How to create your own stunning potato salad!

To prepare a potato salad to your liking, you can try the following steps:

  • Choose the right potatoes: Would you like a potato salad with firm, floury potatoes or with juicy, full-bodied potatoes?
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE OF POTATOES: Do you want large or small potatoes in your salad? Small potatoes are often easier to peel and cook, while large potatoes may have more flavor.
  • Choose the right condiments: Do you want a spicy or mild potato salad? Experiment with different spices to refine the flavor. For example, you can add dill, parsley, mustard or cumin to give the salad a special touch.
  • Add mustard or Worcestershire sauce to add flavor to the salad.
  • Choose the right ingredients: Would you like to spice up your potato salad with egg, cucumber, tomato or other ingredients? Just add the ingredients you like best.
  • Choose the right consistency: do you want a creamy or crunchy potato salad? Use mayonnaise or yogurt to cream the salad, or add chopped nuts or roasted onions to give the salad a crunchy texture.

Experiment with different ingredients and spices to create the perfect potato salad to your liking. Have fun cooking!

Classic potato salad to my taste
Classic potato salad to my taste

Importance of salt and pepper for the perfect flavor balance

Salt and pepper are two spices that have been used in cooking for centuries to add flavor to food. Salt is the most commonly used spice in the world and is used in almost every dish to enhance flavor. Pepper is also very commonly used and adds a savory flavor to food.

Both spices play an important role in the perfect balance of flavors in a dish. Salt is commonly used to intensify and enhance the flavor of foods, while pepper is commonly used to add a savory flavor. The right amount of salt and pepper can help ensure a dish tastes well balanced.

However, it is important to note that too much salt and pepper is not good for your health and can increase blood pressure. Therefore, when cooking, you should be careful not to use too much of it. Experiment with different amounts to find the perfect flavor balance for your individual preferences.

Healthy and tasty alternatives to the classic potato salad

If you want to use yogurt or a vegan alternative in your potato salad, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should make sure that the yoghurt or vegan alternative goes well with the other ingredients of the salad. You may also want to mimic the flavor of the mayonnaise typically used in potato salad. In this case, you can mix yogurt with mustard or Worcestershire sauce to achieve a similar texture and taste.

Potato salad as a vegan version

If you use vegan yoghurt, you should make sure that it is stirred well so that it can be evenly absorbed into the salad. It's also important to chill the yogurt well so it doesn't affect the flavor of the salad.

Overall, it's important that the yogurt or vegan alternative goes well with the other ingredients in the salad and that the salad is chilled well to ensure it stays fresh. Try different types of yogurt or vegan mayonnaise to find the perfect flavor for your potato salad.

Classic potato salad to my taste

The best potato salad: my recipe!

Potato salad is a delicious and versatile side dish that goes well with many different dishes. In this recipe I will present you my potato salad with mayonnaise and mustard. The chopped herbs give the salad a fresh note. Try this recipe and enjoy the delicious taste of potato salad. Swap the mayonnaise for a vegan alternative to veganize the potato salad 😉
I hope you enjoy this salad! Have fun cooking.
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Preparation 30 Min.
cook time 10 Min.
Marinate 5 hours
total time 5 hours 40 Min.
Judgment Dinner, side salads, potato salad
Country & Region German
portions 4 -6 servings
Calories 295 kcal


Cooking pot
Wooden spoon


  • 1 kg Cooking potatoes
  • 1 Red onion
  • 2 rods celery
  • ½ apple
  • 80 g Peas Can
  • 2-3 Sour cucumbers + 4-5 tbsp broth
  • 1 kl. Bunch dill and/or chives, parsley ….
  • 1 EL Mustard* or Dijon mustard
  • 250 g Mayonnaise or vegan alternative
  • Salt*
  • Pepper* from the mill
  • ¼ TL red bell pepper powder


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  • wash your potatoes If you can, use potatoes that are about the same size so they cook evenly. The potatoes are not peeled (I always use jacket potatoes for this salad).
  • Cover the pot with water and bring the potatoes to a boil. Let the potatoes simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on their size. The potatoes should still have a good bite and not be mushy.
  • Drain the potatoes and let them cool. I fill the drained potato pot again with cold water to stop the potatoes from cooking and to cool them down faster.
  • While the potatoes are cooling, let's take care of the rest of the ingredients and the marinade.
  • Finely dice the pickles. Set broth aside.
  • Wash the celeriac, remove the threads and also finely dice.
  • Peel and dice the red onion.
  • Core and dice the apple.
  • Either boil the peas yourself or drain them from the can.
  • Herbs: I actually prefer dill, but even after visiting several supermarkets it was simply not available today 🙁 That's why you can see chives, which is my second choice, in the pictures.
  • Rinse the herbs, shake dry and chop.
  • Put the vegetables in a bowl and pour in the cucumber water.
  • When the potatoes have cooled a bit, peel. This works best when they are still warm.
  • Cut the cold potatoes into cubes and add to the bowl with the other ingredients.
  • Add mayonnaise and mustard. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything together well.
  • Taste: The taste depends a lot on the pickle water you used. If there is no acidity, add some apple cider vinegar to the salad. Too much acid, balance it out with some sugar.
  • Now let the potato salad cool for at least 5 hours, preferably overnight.
  • Before serving, taste it again if necessary.

nutritional value

Serving: 1Port.Calories: 295kcalcarbohydrates: 29gProtein: 4gFat: 18g
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Classic potato salad to my taste
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Classic potato salad to my taste
Classic potato salad to my taste

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