Pasta and noodles are a popular choice for many people when it comes to meals. They are easy to prepare, taste good and are relatively cheap. But many people do not know what pasta and noodle dishes are and what they can offer on their menu. Pasta recipes with descriptions

    • Category - Pasta and noodle dishes on their menu

    • The best of the culinary south

      Dishes typical of the region with its own culinary traditions. You might even find a new favorite dish!

    • Delicacies from the tin

      Pizza, Tarte Flambee and Co.

    • Fresh pasta - not only from Bella Italia...

      Pasta la Vista…

    • Fresh pasta like in Bella Italia…

      Pasta la Vista…

    • International dishes

      Why not try something new and discover the diversity of international cuisine!

    • Mediterranean menu

      Enjoy like on vacation with a good mood and delicious food

    • Pizza & Co - full of aromas

      Refined things from the tin - wonderfully warm and fragrant combinations

    • Pizza, Tarte Flambee and Co.

      Delicacies from the tin...


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