Funny restaurant signs

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Funny boards

In a restaurant you can not only enjoy delicious food, but also admire the boards with funny sayings. These sayings are often funny and can lift the spirits. Sometimes they are also deep and thoughtful.

Here are a few examples that caught my eye while walking through the city.

I understand if you would like to have a fun chalkboard in front of your restaurant as well. One way to do this is to decorate a plaque with a funny or sarcastic saying or picture. It could also be helpful to design the board in an attractive way to attract the attention of passers-by.

Other ideas for funny sayings that could be used on a chalkboard outside a restaurant include:

  • "We serve food, not dreams"
  • "Come in and let us take your money"
  • "We're not the best restaurant in town, but we're not the worst either"
  • "If you eat here, you probably won't die. Perhaps."

It is important to note that such sayings should not be offensive or discriminatory and that they are used in an appropriate context. They should also not damage the image of the restaurant and must not lead to misunderstandings.

Plaques are just amazing, you can see them from afar and they just look amazing. The plaques are large enough to be seen from afar and conspicuous so as not to be overlooked.

A fun chalkboard in front of your restaurant, if it fits why not. Put a smile on the faces that pass by.


Sharing is caring! If you liked this, share it with your friends and family ...


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